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Tax Exemption benefit available Under section 80G of IT act of India and 501 (C) (3) of USA.

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ActivityDetails of ActivityPhotos Amount of INRSelect To Donate Online
Integrated farming system to help family to improve livelihood and to make agriculture immune to draught and other risks Soil and water conversation Diversifying agriculture with forestry, horticulture, forage crops, animals and live fence 15,000 per family
Forestry Seedlings to plant inan IFS 500 Seedlings per acre per family at rate Rs.7/Seedling 3,500 per family
Soil and Water conservation in an acre of land Trench cum bund and pitting for horticulture 3,000 per family
Horticulture plants 40 long term and 20 short term trees 3,000 per family
Constructing farm ponds on the farmers fields Farm ponds usually of 30'*30'*10' size harvest significant amount of rain water that could be used by the farmer to irrigate the plants.It also contributes to increased water table. 10,000 per pond
Preserving millets Training, Exposure, Seeds 5,000 per family
Sanitation-toilet, Ecosan toilets etc 10,000 per family
To DONATE ANY amount in multiples of Rs.100 Scope will be utilized this amount for any activity or administrative expenses -- Rs