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Planting forestry tree species on farm lands2

Project Title :

Drought-Proofing of Agriculture by Integrated Farming System through Community Participation

"Basic principles of the programme"

 The programme is built around four guiding principles conceived based on long experience in working with the community

Community mobilisation:Aims at empowering the poor and disadvantaged communities by building community based organisation

Community Empowerment: Through training and exposure, the member families will be facilitated to understand the basics of sustainable participatory livelihood promotion.

Community Participation: After the member families understand several livelihood options available, a family level microplan (MLP) is developed for each family.

Family Support: The MLP will be implemented with the help of development assistance to each of the family.


"Deliverables of the project"

Mobilize 200 families in to community organization on the principles of self help.

Initiation of 20 self help groups

Train 150 participants in sustainable, integrated farming practices

Establish integrated farming system with partial cost with 100 families with following achieved

a. Soil and water conservation in 100 acres.  b. Planting of 6000 horticulture plants 
c. 50000 forestry plants                              

Establish integrated farming system with 20 families, with cost borne by the family achieving following outputs

Soil and water conservation in minimum 20 acres   b. planting of minimum of 1200 horticulture plants c. planting of minimum of 10000 forestry plants.


Project villages:

Benakatti, Mandihal and Mugad villages in Dharwad district of Karnataka

Project Period 1 year : from November 2011- November-2012

Designed and maintaining : Distinct Notion Solutions LLP, Phone: 0836-2774467 Mobile: +91 9880581100