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Project Title: Mentoring of Youngwsf1 Professionals to Facilitate Community-Led Actions for Improved Water and Sanitation in the Rural Areas of North Karnataka

Funding Associate: Arghyam Foundation, Bangalore

Location: 4 Gram Panchayats  in Gadag district

Coverage: Approx 40000 population or 8000 families.


Today almost half of the people in the developing world lack access to improved sanitation. Many more lack access to good sanitation. Most daunting sanitation deficit is its scale. Some 2.6 billion people lack access to improved sanitation, two and a half times the deficit for access to clean water.

Reaching the Millennium Development Goal of halving the deficit against 1990 level would require bringing improved sanitation to more than 120 million people every year till 2015.  And even if the goal is reached that would leave 1.8 billion people without access to sanitation. Each percentage gap between the goal and achievement means grave setback for human development with several thousand millions of people affected by illness and several thousand avoidable child deaths.

Project objectives

To recruit Young Professionals (YP) with a passion to live and work in rural areas. To channelize the energies of these youth towards community-led actions to improve Water & sanitation issues.
To build capacities of YPs to assume leadership roles in community development especially in sanitation and water issues.
To expose the  YPs  to developmental  frameworks and   live examples of development models
To mentor and motivate the YPs with the help of  development professionals with long experience of committed work who will  be role models for the YPs
To train and assist YPs in understanding the needs of the community through participatory interactions and design participatory action plans for overcoming deficits in sanitation and drinking water situation.
To enable YPs to emerge as major change agents in the areas of Water and Sanitation in their area of operation.
To guide the YPs in different organizational structures in carrying the development activities in the sector


Key activities to be taken in the project

Selection and recruitment of Young Professionals


Monitoring and Evaluation of YPs
Development of Participatory Plans


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